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The ANTSA Platform

There is NOTHING like ANTSA currently on the Australian market.  It is built for mental health practitioners and is using cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their practices.  

ANTSA is a technology platform (it has an application (app.) for the client and a web-interface for the practitioner) that is designed to help practitioners keep clients engaged and "on-task" in between sessions, as well as helping the practitioner to monitor and measure how their clients are feeling.  It notifies and reminds them of activities to complete, homework tasks are digitalised for increased engagement and collection of data, and there are many other exciting functions that will continue to be added along the way.  
The focus is not only on making therapy an easier and less stressful process for the clients, but also to take away the burden of data collection, reminders, daily check-ins, etc. for the practitioner as these are automated through the platform. 

The design-phase was completed, and the platform was offered to mental health practitioners for beta-testing in July, 2023. We had many practitioners from all around the world register to be part of this initial testing for 30 days for FREE (NO Credit Card required!).  In August, 2023, ANTSA was released to the public.

Watch the videos here!

Here is the Practitioner's dashboard (computer view)


And here are some of the "mock-up" views of the Client's phone version:

 Client Mobile App Homepage 1    Client Mobile App Onboarding    Client Mobile App Homepage 2

 **Please Note:  The Practitioner version is currently only available to be used on a computer. The Client version is an app. and is therefore only available to be used on a smart phone.  This will change in future iterations...

Choose a plan to suit your practice


FREE Trial

For 30 days you can have:

  •  Unlimited clients
  •  Unlimited homework tasks
  •  Unlimited reminders
  •  Unlimited reports per client
  •  Real-time mood tracking
  •  Data encrypted on Australian servers
  •  No credit card required


SOLO Practitioner

Monthly payment (+ G.S.T.)
No minimum term

  Unlimited clients

 Unlimited homework tasks

 Unlimited reminders

 Unlimited reports per client

 Data encrypted on Australian servers

 Real-time mood tracking



Monthly payment (+ G.S.T.)
No minimum term

 Unlimited practitioners

 Reduced costs for increased licences

 Data encrypted on Australian servers

 Encrypted communication with practitioners

 Real-time reporting of practitioner usage 

 Various reports available

 * As low as $11.60 per week per practitioner