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The ANTSA For Mental Health Professionals

As mental health practitioners, we dedicate our lives to helping others. Do we make a difference? Are our clients completing the activities we set? Do they practice our strategies? Educate themselves about their mental health? 21% of Australians experience mental illness every year, and almost half of us (42.9%) are affected by mental illness at some stage in our lives (ABS 2023). Statistics show us that 3.4 million Aussies seek help, and there are times when we are close to burn-out.  We know that we need a better work-life balance.  However, we worry about our clients and how they are managing from one session to the next.  We don't have the time to remind them daily to complete their tasks, and when we see them, it's often hard to sort through what has happened in that time apart. And how many of us find our clients say a "door-knob disclosure" right at the end of the session because they couldn't get to the crux of their issues in a straight-forward way?

What if there was an ANTSA - a way of allocating tasks to notify/remind the client at times we agree to in sessions?  A means of collecting data from our clients between the appointments? Seeing at a glance how they have been going? A way of listing dot points to discuss at the next session as they think of them during the week? A method of recording thoughts and feelings as they happen to be discussed at their next appointment? And all of this without any extra work for the practitioner outside the sessions?

We are pleased to introduce  ANTSA, the ONLY Australian cutting-edge digital platform designed to help mental health practitioners improve their practices by offering their clients on-demand access to psychoeducation materials, improved engagement, and streamlined administrative processes.  Privacy and encryption are our highest priorities, and all of our data is saved on servers located in Australia for our protection.

ANTSA Dashboard

We can see insights (graphs) of our clients' engagement, feedback straight after they complete each task (which we can go through in our next session), and we can send them questionnaires to graph their progress.  Daily mood tracking helps us to understand how our clients are feeling at random times throughout the day, and this is presented graphically both to the client and to us (in order to better understand our clients' needs).

Using ANTSA, practitioners can provide their clients with access to a rich array of psychoeducational articles and videos, advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, and send notifications to help keep clients on task. By doing so, clients can make steady progress between sessions, leading to better outcomes and greater satisfaction with the therapeutic process.

ANTSA also automates several time-consuming processes, such as setting homework tasks and scoring questionnaires, enabling practitioners to focus more intently on their clients' mental health needs. Further, the platform provides clients with the ability to communicate with their practitioners about their tasks and progress, offering deeper insights and stronger collaboration.


    • Automated homework tasks and questionnaire scoring
    • Encourages engagement of the client between sessions
    • On-demand psychoeducation articles & videos
    • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and notifications
    • Client communication and progress tracking
    • Daily emotional state rating and journalling

Through its sophisticated tracking system, ANTSA enables clients to rate their daily emotional states and journal about their experiences and emotions. This function fosters greater self-awareness, empowering clients to take control of their mental health journey.

Join ANTSA today and start enjoying the many benefits of our platform.  Elevate your practice to new levels of client engagement, satisfaction, and therapeutic effectiveness using ANTSA For Professionals.


**Please Note:  The Practitioner version is currently only available to be used on a computer. The Client version is an app. and is therefore only available to be used on a smart phone.  This will change in future iterations...

Choose a plan to suit your practice


FREE Trial

For 30 days you can have:

  •  Unlimited clients
  •  Unlimited homework tasks
  •  Unlimited reminders
  •  Unlimited reports per client
  •  Real-time mood tracking
  •  Data encrypted on Australian servers
  •  No credit card required


SOLO Practitioner

Monthly payment (+ G.S.T.)
No minimum term

  Unlimited clients

 Unlimited homework tasks

 Unlimited reminders

 Unlimited reports per client

 Data encrypted on Australian servers

 Real-time mood tracking



Monthly payment (+ G.S.T.)
No minimum term

 Unlimited practitioners

 Reduced costs for increased licences

 Data encrypted on Australian servers

 Encrypted communication with practitioners

 Real-time reporting of practitioner usage 

 Various reports available

 * As low as $11.60 per week per practitioner