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The Research

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She needed to find an ANTSA…

After a brief hiatus following surgery in August, 2021, Sally-Anne began reflecting on ways to continue supporting her clients in their mental health journeys despite not being able to meet with them during that period.  After two years of reflection, investigation and R&D, ANTSA was created - a digital platform designed to enable practitioners to stay connected with their clients in between appointments - and was released at the end of July, 2023.  

ANTSA streamlines and automates the scheduling and tracking of homework assignments, and allows clients to provide feedback to their practitioner.  Additionally, the platform provides a wealth of information and resources on mental health, enabling clients to further understand their conditions.

Discover how ANTSA can streamline and automate your practice, provide real-time data on client progress and allow for more efficient and effective practice management. Join the mental health revolution and sign up for ANTSA today.

The ANTSA is here…


Here are some screenshots of the practitioner's computer web-portal: