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Jaimee - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Welcome to Jaimee, our Virtual Engagement System, a pioneering chatbot developed by ANTSA, born from a profound story of love and remembrance. This innovative tool, named by our founder and clinical psychologist, Sally-Anne McCormack, honours her late daughter. It reflects our commitment to nurturing human connections in mental health care.

Jaimee represents a unique approach in therapeutic support, tailored exclusively for practitioners. As a professional in the field, you have the exclusive authority to assign jAImee to your clients. This ensures that each client's experience with jAImee is guided by a practitioner's expertise, making the therapeutic journey more personal and effective.

For practitioners, jAImee offers a window into your client's world. They can access jAImee any time whenever they need to talk, and jAImee (designed to demonstrate therapist traits) responds empathetically and  positively.  By reviewing conversation logs, you (practitioner) gain valuable insights, helping you better understand your clients' needs and progress. This feature ensures that jAImee's interactions are always in line with your therapeutic goals and professional standards.  

At the heart of jAImee's design is an unwavering commitment to security, privacy and confidentiality. Robust security measures protect all conversations. Each interaction is encrypted and securely stored, ensuring the utmost privacy and safety of client data. Access to this information is strictly controlled, and only authorised practitioners can review these interactions. We constantly update our security protocols to keep pace with the latest standards in data protection and privacy and all data is stored on Australian servers.

Moreover, jAImee is a dynamic, evolving system. Your expertise and feedback as a practitioner is instrumental in refining its capabilities. Contributing your insights, you play a crucial role in enhancing jAImee's effectiveness, making it an increasingly valuable tool in the realm of mental health support.

Discover jAImee, where advanced technology meets deep empathy. Developed by a clinical psychologist with a heartfelt mission, jAImee is here to transform therapeutic support, safeguarding professional integrity and honouring a personal legacy in every interaction.