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ANTSA - Mental Health Practitioners

 ANTSA: The Digital Platform Revolutionising Mental Health Care for Professionals and Clients

Are you a mental health professional looking for a way to streamline your practice and provide better care to your clients? Look no further than ANTSA.

ANTSA is a digital platform that enables practitioners to provide their clients with access to a rich array of psychoeducation articles and videos, and employ advanced AI to keep clients on track between sessions. By doing so, clients can make steady progress and enjoy better outcomes.

ANTSA also automates several time-consuming processes, such as setting homework tasks and scoring questionnaires, so practitioners can focus more intently on their clients' mental health needs. Additionally, the platform provides clients with the ability to communicate with their practitioners about their tasks and progress, offering deeper insights and stronger collaboration.

Through its sophisticated tracking system, ANTSA enables clients to rate their daily emotional states and journal about their experiences and emotions, fostering greater self-awareness and empowerment.

ANTSA was created by Sally-Anne McCormack, a clinical psychologist with nearly two decades of experience working with clients. She recognised the importance of practitioners being able to inspire, motivate, and monitor clients on a regular basis, and designed ANTSA to help bridge the gap.

Join the mental health revolution with ANTSA and start enjoying the many benefits of streamlined practice management and better client engagement. Sign up today and experience the future of mental health care.

Please keep coming back to this website as the information continues to be updated as the ANTSA application is continuing to evolve.

**Please Note:  The Practitioner version is currently only available to be used on a computer. The Client version is an app. and is therefore only available to be used on a smart phone.  This will change in future iterations...